The Bank of America Robbery of 1998

The Bank of America Robbery of 1998

The Bank of America Robbery of 1998
The Bank of America robbery of 1998 was perpetrated using the advice of an employee at the World Trade Center. That advice on details regarding security and other details, was commissioned by the leader of the crime. In fact, that employee was also convinced to allow his building identification to be utilized during the commission of the bank robbery. Using the advice of the employee, the Bank of America robbery included the use of weapons and fake identification cards for all of the robbers. 
In addition, timing of the scheduled delivery of the money was noted so that the bank robbery could take place with an efficiency and a speedy exit. The robbers entered the elevator and handcuffed the bank employees while simultaneously taking money from the money cart. They then simply walked out of the elevator, with no one in pursuit. It seemed like the perfect crime.
The details of the Bank of America robbery are simple in nature. The master mind of the bank robbery utilized a simple plan, which failed to take significant details into account which later resulted in multiple arrests. First, when the robbers entered the building, they failed to conceal their identities. In addition, the leader  chose accomplices that lacked a large degree of common sense, and most had drug problems, which was a factor that helped them all be identified.
There were other factors that led to their downfall. After the crime was completed, the Bank of America robbery was immediately covered by the news media. In fact, descriptions of the robbers were widely broadcast, since they had not concealed their identities. There was a reward available if any of the suspects were arrested. Soon after the reward was announced, one of the suspects was recognized and immediately reported to police. It is assumed that he gave away the names of his accomplices. Eventually, all of the suspects were apprehended.
Although the group utilized a simple plan, the first portion of the crime went off without causing any injuries, and without an immediate pursuit. While the initial bank robbery of the Bank of America was successful, the group had not properly planned for the aftermath. In fact, their lack of planning was what eventually led to their arrests. 
One suspect was seen in pubic with large amounts of cash that he could not explain and police pursued him until he was caught. Eventually, all of them were apprehended do a lack of planning for the time proceeding the crime. While most of the suspects faced a myriad of charges as a result of the bank robbery, the mastermind became an informant for the FBI, reducing his charges.




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