What are Some Past Attacks on Government Computers?

What are Some Past Attacks on Government Computers?

What are Some Past Attacks on Government Computers?
There have been several major breaches in security systems meant to protect governmental computers. There have also been several reported cases of successful attacks on Government computers.
Prior to the South Ossetia War in 2008, attacks aginst Georgia's government websites were carried out with a message of peace that would be read in text, but then disable the websites’ functions causing servers to shut down completely.
Cyberterrorist attacks were carried out from Romania, when reports showed that the terrorists illegally infiltrated a government-controlled system where scientists in Antarctica were stationed. They were attempting to shut down support systems endangering the lives of fifty-eight scientists. 
In 2007, a Eurasian Youth Group utilized a cyber attack on Ukrainian President Vicktor Yushchenko. One of the largest cyber attacks was committed in Estonia when a large number of denial of services attacks were launched against government-run websites. Many speculated that the attacks were carried out in protest against a war memorial that had been taken down in Talinn.    
Reports say that in 1991 a virus was invented that was meant to shut down Iraqi's anti-aircraft gunfire. Cyber attacks launched on South Korea and the United States in 2009 were believed to be from North Korea, but further investigation revealed that they actually came from someone in the United Kingdom.
The United States reported that, as a result of cyber attacks and other computer problems, the Government had to spend over one hundred million dollars to repair the damages.  Since then, the United States has been working to increase cyber security measures to lessen the chance of a cyber security breach.




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