Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks

Criminal Background ChecksTypes of Criminal Background Checks Used

In the United States, criminal records are stored on a local, state, and federal level by the respective enforcement agency. A criminal background check is often used at in when seeking trying to adopt, licensing matters, during criminal investigations and when trying to gain employment. It is important to be aware of what information about a criminal background can show up if being checked.
Different types of Criminal Background Checks 
County Criminal Records Check
This looks at the past felony and misdemeanor files in the county court records any county that the individual lived in for the previous seven years.
These records are searched for by name and are then compared with other identifying information, such as a birthday or driver’s license number.
This criminal background check reports felonies and some misdemeanors.
The rules of how a record is kept and released is count specific
Federal Criminal Records Check
This criminal background check looks at federal district court’s records which involve crimes dealing with federal laws, those that cross state boundaries, and those committed on federal property.
These records are searched for by name and are then compared with other identifying information, such as a birthday or driver’s license number.
These are obtained from the state’s federal district court records. Each district maintains its own records, meaning a search must be done in each district to find a potential criminal history.
Reports are typically looked for in the home, work, and school district of the individual for the last seven years.
There are over 7,000 courts in the U.S. but no national source.
Statewide Criminal History Records Check
This criminal background check looks for records on a county to state level.
Each state is unique. Most of these records rely on other sources, such as the County Criminal database or the department of corrections.
These background checks are often outdated and the availability of records varies from state to state as well as county to county.
National Wants and Warrants Search
This form of a criminal background check is a nationwide search that looks for outstanding warrants, including those issued for extraditable offenses.
Local police agencies are legally notified of posted warrants which results in a criminal record search to see if an actual criminal background exists.
If a person has a warrant, it is not fully indicative of the person committing a crime.
Sex Offender Registry Check
Certain sex-related crimes require registration with the state.
Each state has their own Sex Offender Registry which can be searched.
A registry is only as accurate as how recent it is. They require constant updating.
Limited information is provided which is not enough for a thorough criminal background check.
Most states provide ways to have certain parts of a criminal background check expunged or the records sealed. Depending on the laws of the state, this can prevent prior convictions or arrests in a criminal background from showing up during a background check. 




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