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Bail Bond Explained

Bail Bond ExplainedBail bonds are typically monetary amounts that are mandated for the apprehended individual to pay; essentially, this is an assurance or guarantee that the individual will return for court on their respective trial date or, in some instances regarding immigration bail bonds, individuals agree to make arrangements to leave the nation by a specific day.

For example, if an illegal alien is arrested and the immigration bail bond is set at $5,000, the individual is required to put up $5,000 as collateral saying that they will be back on the specific date for their trial or that they are leaving the country on a specific day. Often, the money is fronted by a member of the family or is given to a representative if the individual does not have the money on them.

If the person adheres to the terms of their bond and either shows up to court on that given day or has left the country and returned to their homeland, the bail bond is given back to them. However, if they do not show up for court or if they are still in the country, the money is then forfeited from them. Overall, immigration bail bonds are simply a guarantee that an individual will do as the are required, or they lose assets if delinquent.