Understanding the Science of Computer Forensics

Understanding the Science of Computer Forensics

Understanding the Science of Computer Forensics
Computer Forensics Explained:
Computer forensics is a scientific and technology-based branch of digital science. Computer forensics aids in the gathering of legal evidence. The goal of the field is to examine digital media in a forensically-constructive manner with the aim of recovering, analyzing, and preserving pertinent facts about the underlying investigation.
Computer forensics is commonly used in investigations which revolve around computer crime and civil proceedings. The field involves similar principles and techniques to data recovery, but additional guidelines and practices were designed to create a legal audit.
Computer forensics is a fundamental aspect of evidence gathering. In a legal setting, such as a courtroom trial, computer forensics is subject to the typical requirements placed on digital evidence. Computer forensics must be authenticated, reliably obtained, distributed, and admissible.
Computer forensics is a technique used to gather information in a legal matter. For instance, if an assailant or individual charged with committing a crime leaves an electronic trail on a computer or electronic platform, an individual specialized in computer forensics can use techniques to uncover information which will uncover motives or evidence pertaining to the case.
Computer Forensics Process
Computer forensic investigations typically follow the standard digital forensic process: the acquisition, analysis, and subsequent reporting of information. There are a few fundamental techniques used in the field of computer forensics: cross-drive analysis, live analysis, and deleted files are the predominant methods to uncover information using computer forensics. 
    Cross-drive analysis correlates information found on multiple hard drives.
    Live analysis examines computer within the operating system to extract evidence.
    Deleted files is a common technique to recover information from deleted computer files.




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