Abduction Dangers To Children

Abduction Dangers To Children

Abduction Dangers To Children

According to a report released by the FBI on September 7, 2012, new and expectant parents need to be aware of new trends and precautions to protect their infant from abduction.

The FBI reports that while infant abductions are rare compared to other types of crime, they do happen.

For example, a woman 28 years of age was shot and killed in Texas by a 30 year-old-woman who then proceeded to kidnap the infant—only three days old—from the pediatric center.  Fortunately, the child was rescued only six hours later.

Criminals are now creating more elaborate crimes because simply walking out of a hospital with an infant is now difficult.  Most newborns have a security bracelet that will trigger an alarm unless removed.

A recent case in January of 2012 highlights the growing complexity of infant abductions.  According to the FBI, a 32-year-old woman in Florida formed a friendship with a younger mother on a social networking website.  The woman said she too has a newborn and the baby was in the hospital.  The new mother then invited the older woman to her home to spend the night, and while the new mother was in the shower the next morning, the older woman abducted the young infant.

The older woman deleted her profile from the social networking website, but she was still caught and arrested.  The baby was returned to the mother.

The FBI recommends that expectant and new parents take the following precautions to deter child abductors:

1.       New parents should not post colored balloons outside of home that announce a newborn or baby shower.

2.       Parent needs to stay particularly aware in public.  Be suspicious of someone who asks too many questions about your pregnancy and baby.

3.       Adjust your privacy settings for social networking sites so strangers cannot see your personal information.

4.       Report any suspicious behavior immediately.

5.       Women between the ages of 17 and 33 are most likely to abduct a newborn.

Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation




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